Hi Steve,

In reality God does not have sexuality like we do. Our sexuality is part of being created human, part of being man and woman. This is how God created us. But God is not part of creation, he exists outside creation in a “spiritual” realm.

However we speak about God in person terms and we speak about God as being male. We do this because we have no other way of understanding what he is like. Imagine if you were walking in the forest and came across something you had never seen before. You could only describe it terms of things that you and other know. You would say things like “It was like a tree in that it was tall and…”. Do you see what I mean?

We have never met anything like God. So we have to describe him in terms of things that we understand. So when we talk of God’s righ arm, we don;t mean he actually has a right arm but we are talking about his strength. This is why we talk about him as being male.

I hope this helps.