Hi Emily,

This is a good and very important question.

The answer revolves around who God is.

The Bible describes God as the one who made everything that is, he is the Creator (read Genesis 1 and 2). As the creator he made you and me and we are very precious to him - he loves us. He expects us to love him, obey him and treat him as our God.

However we have not loved him or treated him as he wants us to. This is what sin is all about. We sin when we tell God that we want to do things our own way and not his way. We all do it and we do it all the time. In little things like lying and not respecting or obeying our parents as well as in big things like stealing, cheating as so on.

Sin is an attitude of disregarding God and treating him as he deserves and, as you can imagine, he is angry with that. Sin destroys the relationship that we have with God so that we are estranged from him. Ultimately we will be punished for our sin - not a good thought.

However, our sin has not stopped God loving us. He does not want to punish us so his son Jesus came to earth and took the punishment for us by dying on the cross and rising again. Having done this, Jesus now offers us an opportunity to be reconciled with God again and return to the loving relationship that he created us for.

Jesus makes us better by opening the way for us to be reconciled back to God so that we can live life as God intended it to be lived.

So you can see why it is an important question. The only thing that remains is to ask have you accepted Jesus offer of reconcilliation?