The Bible is an amazing demonstration of God’s love to us

God hasn’t left us to work him out by ourselves - we’d only get it wrong anyway. He has made it clear what he’s like, how he acts in this world and what he intends to do in the future. God is a personal being and he provides a way for us to understand him so we can have a genuine personal relationship with him ourselves.

The Bible does all this for us.

The Bible claims to be God-spoken (2 Peter 1:21; 2 Timothy 3:16,17). Christians accept the Bible as their authority. That means the Bible establishes what is true, not our own personal opinions or preferences.

You don’t need a PhD in ancient languages to read the Bible.

It takes a bit of effort to comprehend the whole Bible, but one thing about God’s word to us is that he makes it understandable. There are some things to remember that help us understand it. The Bible is a collection of lots of different small books. They are different types of books - some poetry, some history, some symbolic descriptions of the future, some letters, and some laws. The other main thing to remember is that these writings span a very long time in history so a bit of background knowledge about when a book was written, who the writer was, what life was like then and so on, really helps us understand the content.

The main thing to know about the Bible is that the first part - called the Old Testament - was written before Jesus was born. The second part - the New Testament - was written after Jesus’ death. The New Testament records Jesus’ life, his teaching and the lives of his first followers.