Most people in Australia see the Bible as rules to be followed, that were written down by men in the past. But that is not the case! The Bible is first and foremost a history of God’s saving plan and how he has brought people back into relationship with himself through Jesus Christ (Luke 24:44).

The Bible was not written to have people live a certain way, but to let people know who Jesus is (2 Timothy 3:15). It is true that our lives will change when we understand who Jesus is, what he is like and what he came into the world to do (Philippians 3:8). But the important thing to remember is that the Bible is mainly about Jesus Christ.

In terms of who wrote the Bible, it is true that people wrote the Bible. The Bible was written over a very long time and contains 66 books. But the amazing thing about the Bible is that tough it was written over a long time, it has one clear message. To understand how the Bible all fits together takes a bit of work. But once we understand that the Bible is about Jesus and how he saves people, then we can understand how the Bible all fits together. A book that will explain how the Bible fits together is called Gospel and Kingdom by Graeme Goldsworthy.

For more information on what is in the Bible, you can look at this address - it gives a very good answer.

How do we know that all that information in the Bible is true? To do that Katie takes a bit of work on your part. You would need to look at the Bible for yourself and see the promises God has made to the world. The Bible tells us God’s promises, and how he makes them come true. And again we see that all God’s promises find their answer in Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20).

To know who Jesus is, is the most important question a human can answer. It takes time and a bit of work, but the answers are well worth the work! If you really want to understand the Bible and Christianity, can I suggest that you read the Bible for yourself, starting with the gospel of Mark.